10 non-financial motivations preferred by employees

People are the most valuable resource of a company, and although it seems hard to believe, more and more of them appreciate non-financial rewards. Young people, in particular, besides a motivating salary, want to have a pleasant work. Motivational policy must be part of each company’s strategy, and its effects will be visible in the long term. However, each person is different, and managers need to identify motivational factors that meet the wishes and needs of each employee.

  1. Free days offered for seniority in the company or successful completion of a project.
  2. Flexible schedule, the ability to work from home.
  3. Gifts and parties around holidays, on birthdays or various events, facilities or gifts for important moments in personal life of employees.
  4. Relaxing spaces.
  5. Free attendance at conferences, courses, coaching sessions and leadership, seminars.
  6. Personalized gifts with company logo, such as shirts, pens, agenda.
  7. Bonuses and rewards for employee of the month.
  8. Coffee, water, fruit, cakes, ice cream, pizza.
  9. One-to-one discussions: Regular meetings between manager and employee.
  10. Different season ticket, activity pass.

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