10 things you can’t tell your boss

No matter what a good relation you have with your boss, you must know that it’s impossible to be friends. Even if you know him for years or is part of family. You will always be the one who has to make money, and he will be the one who has to give you money. Whatever the case, he will always think you can do more. As for you, will think he does not appreciate you enough. So, harder with friendship, and you have to be careful about what talking to your boss, must keep a good image.

  1. Never tell your boss that you don’t know or don’t want to do something, even if you don’t do what he asks, no reject him.
  2. Gossip. Regardless of the situation, it is not advisable either tell him or listen him if he wants to talk about certain rumours. You can change discussion in a elegant way.
  3. Don’t talk with your boss about your family problems. Certainly, he will not be impressed, but will be more careful if you do your job well.
  4. If you have financial problems you must solve them. So, don’t ask for a salary increase or complain to your boss hoping he will offer his help to you.
  5. You don’t have to give too much information about your health. It is enough to say something just when you need to leave work.
  6. Be careful and don’t talk about other job opportunities. It’s not a good idea believing that’s a way to scare your boss about losing you.
  7. Don’t complain he did not get involved enough at work, or he was wrong or money, projects, people were lost because of him.
  8. Don’t get in touch with your boss on social networks.
  9. You can’t drink a beer, for example, with your boss. Be precautious if you spend some time together outside the workplace.
  10. Don’t complain about your work or colleagues. Just try to make things without get out in front of others.

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