10 ways to keep your best employees

10 ways to keep your best employees

We all know that in any company there are better employees who give all interest in work they are doing. Passionate and dedicated people who successfully fulfil their professional goals. Everything depends on will and skill, and bosses must have the ability to observe and keep best people from quitting.

  1. Sustainable results are seen over time so, don’t require employees to come up with immediate results if you invest in their idea.
  2. Show your gratitude and appreciation to the best of your employees, not just financial benefits. They need to know that you have noticed their effort.
  3. Don’t put pressure on or criticize those who work. You don’t have to blame or give them more work because others employees do not do their job.
  4. Try to get more from all your employees, not just from the best.
  5. Ensure good conditions, safety and harmony at work.
  6. Invest in people, help them develop their abilities, and specialize in regular courses and trainings, provide them real development opportunities.
  7. From time to time, say “thank you” ” congratulations” “you did a good job”.
  8. Offers them respect, freedom and the right to privacy.
  9. Be grateful for the ideas offered by employees, don’t say it yours, especially if you have put them into practice and have proved to be good for your organization.
  10. Financial motivation is not always efficient, they are people who want more than money, so try to find out and eliminate the factors that demotivate employees.

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