About me


My name is Nicole. I’m a reader and a writer. I’m a realistic, serious, working and fair person. I think talent is work and that ‘Man owes to work, not to find death sitting’. Over time, in various forms, we get to identify with our work. In every day of our life we work to demonstrate, to learn, to live, to survive. We do nothing without effort. Work is our second nature.

I like to think I will have a long way to go in this life. I do not know how it will be my way from now on. The more I think, the harder I am to have a clear vision about the future. So, I’m talking about past and present. I know them so well!

Just like each of you I live by work. I realised that we spend most of the time at our job. ‘We work to save our free time.’ That’s what Aristotle knew from Ancient Greece. And that’s what we do now, years away. How long have been people working!? Always!

We don’t speak too much about our work. We have a lot of memories and a lot of experiences, some of them nice, some less pleasant. Anyway, it is important to share our emotions and feelings with others.

I want to tell you here how it is to be young at work and what I have met at the jobs I have had. I will write about bosses, colleagues, ideas, salaries, working conditions, life at work and life with a job. What is the culture of work in our whole life.  I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize a little of you too!

My story and the stories of those around me! The story continues!