Be human!

Since I was a little girl I grew up with the idea that you must be a human in your entire life. Imagined how I would change over the years! I believe we all are humans through our born, is not like we have had claws or a tail, and we would get rid of them. Eagerly I was waiting to grow up once to finally become a human! And I grew up. Now I had to be like everybody in the world. The second most important lesson about life received in my family.

We are born unprepared and outside the world, but we are all humans. Small people. We need to be guided, we need rules and ideas. You have mortgage, a car and a home, one or two children… You are in line with everybody in the world. Do not bother anyone, smile at all your neighbours, have a quiet life. In a few words, this means success. These are the values shared by the world we live in. And any person who dare to get out of this pattern is seen and treated differently.

Like any individual in modern society, I was led by all the values gained in childhood. After graduation, I needed to find a job. Especially I was going to start Master Degree classes, and I had plans for marriage. I thought it would not be hard for me to find a job because I had studies in the economic field and everyone is looking for economists. I am a medium-sized human being, I don’t like to overestimate myself, but I like to work. I’ve been looking everywhere, I have sent dozens of resumes, letters of intent. Nothing. I said that no longer counting my higher education, I was just interested in a job.

How hard you find a job?

The stories about the first job that has to represent you, give you perspectives and standards for the future, development opportunities, support, weren’t on my waiting list. I was reading job ads where you had to have at least 5 years of experience to work as a salesperson in a shoe store! What a perspective! I did not even have a practice day at all. I’ll tell in a future post about how important is for a student to practice, for really, not just on paper. I had nothing to offer, just myself, and I must convince the others how wonderful I am.

During high school I was thinking about going to Journalism. I didn’t do that and I don’t regret it at all. But in my search of a job, I was sending resumes even to newspapers, magazines, publications. And what do you think? Even when I expected less, my luck for a first job was a newspaper.

I didn’t even know it existed, I found it by chance on the internet. A simple site with no email address, just one phone number. I called to ask how I can send them some information about me in the event they will need a novice in the near future.

And they requested me an interview! My first interview, my first experience, my first possible job.

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