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10 ways to keep your best employees

10 ways to keep your best employees We all know that in any company there are better employees who give all interest in work they are doing. Passionate and dedicated people who successfully fulfil their professional goals. Everything depends on will and skill, and bosses must have the ability to observe and keep best people from quitting. Sustainable results are…

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10 non-financial motivations preferred by employees

People are the most valuable resource of a company, and although it seems hard to believe, more and more of them appreciate non-financial rewards. Young people, in particular, besides a motivating salary, want to have a pleasant work. Motivational policy must be part of each company’s strategy, and its effects will be visible in the long term. However, each person…

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10 things you should never say in a job interview

When you go to an interview your main goal is to get the job. That’s why it’s very important to present yourself correctly, provide appropriate information about yourself and prove that you are the right person for them. Don’t try to be more than what you are, get the job with natural thoughts and good ideas. Be careful and don’t…

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10 smart things a good employee needs to do

Although many of us go to work without any purpose, it’s not easy to be an employee. Everyone wants to stand out, by any means, but it is important to keep our self-esteem. In addition, most of our time we are at work so we have to do the right things and give a beautiful impression to everyone we work…

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10 things you can’t tell your boss

No matter what a good relation you have with your boss, you must know that it’s impossible to be friends. Even if you know him for years or is part of family. You will always be the one who has to make money, and he will be the one who has to give you money. Whatever the case, he will…

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