First job – soul story

For me, the first job is a beautiful story I keep in my heart. It was a unique experience, an important step in my life. Seems to me that generally we don’t talk too much about our first job. It’s such an important stage in every young man’s life. Well, if you have your first job when you’re young, like 25, not 40+. You can prove yourself that you can, grow up, learn that you like to wake up at 6 am and run to the subway… It’s a little bit important to pass from spoiling to work.

But, most of the time, first job is just to have something to write on your resume or earn money during summer. We don’t consider it too important, isn’t it?

Well, I really enjoyed my first job. And no, I didn’t choose it carefully thinking it would guide my entire career, there was no internship at any multinationals and no job on the beach. It was a simple job – young journalist. I worked there for five years.

A special job

I believe people I’ve met there and from whom I’ve learned a lot of things made it so special. In fact, there are few who devote some of their soul to a job. I find myself between them.

I met the best people. They joyfully let me in the intimacy of their work. Especially I had no idea about anything. Every day they gave advice, ideas, instructions, explanations of whatever I needed. Truly I can say that I took a little from each other’s experience. Less from general manager’s experience, but… he was the boss. Professionally, I grew nicely with people passionate about writing.

I was going to work in the morning and until late at night, seven days out of seven. During my five years, I never looked for another job. Even if it was a demanding and poorly paid job, I knew I wasn’t alone. Do you know how well this is?! I think that’s the most beautiful feeling in life. And is even better at a job to be on the same wavelength with those around you. Or, at least I believe it was like this. I haven’t looked for any defects at anyone, I didn’t want more than I was offered. And it was good.

It was a great job but they decided it’s so difficult to go on. The newspaper resisted too much without making politics, and the readers needed from us to take somebody’s part. It was very hard for me to get away and leave it behind. I was afraid I’d lose my good feeling and for a while, that’s how it was. I wasn’t sad about losing my job, the salary, the benefits or other things that everybody regrets. I was sad losing that job.

I haven’t worked as a journalist anymore

Probably this was the reason why I didn’t work as a journalist anymore. It’s true, for a while I did not know what to do because I had the impression I couldn’t do anything else. I left suddenly and stayed left. Just like a kid you take the candy out of his hand, and no matter how much you want to give him back, he doesn’t accept it. Maybe that’s how was meant to be.

I kept the knowledge, the experience and the loved ones that I have met. I have learned that you can succeed if you work and dedicate yourself, even if you do not have the necessary studies in the field. I firmly believe that work teaches us everything we need throughout our lives. It is important to have the chance to work, have someone to prove what you can do, be supported and guided.

Unfortunately, our society focuses on experience, no matter how, not on people. It cuts off young people’s wings, they are rejected and become valuable only when it’s too late. We live complicated times in a strange, rejecting, complex, and worthless society. We live in the world of I have no one to hire but be experienced.

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