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We are directly responsible for our health and, whether or not we notice it, workplace stress is a negative factor for our entire body. That’s why it is important to find our inner peace and balance in every situation. It is our duty to take care of ourselves, all the more at work.

So, why wait for finishing your work program to relax?! It’s ideal a relaxing space at office, but as we do not find it in all companies, we need to learn a few tricks and combat physical and mental overload.

Our fingers play a rather important role in relaxing the entire body. Let’s introduce them: thumb is the power and domination force, but also worry, while the index finger symbolizes fear, will, and initiative. The middle finger represents anger, pride, the ring finger means sadness, and the little one self-confidence.

An old Japanese self-relaxation method teaches us that fingers symbolize different feelings or states. In this sense, by massaging each finger, we can combat the states they represent. Therefore, by massaging our thumb we free ourselves from worries and emotions, indexing helps to eliminate fears, and the middle finger to control anger. If you want to overcome sadness, massage your ring finger, while massaging your little finger will increase your state of optimism and confidence.

I cannot say with certainty that this method works in any situation, but one thing is certain: your mind will be concerned with the massage of your finger, so you will forget about your previous feelings. It has a little logic, isn’t it?

Also, the Japanese teach us that we can relax by gripping each finger with the other hand. Tightens up until you feel a pulse, for each finger, so the body will be harmonized and energized. If you feel the need for a mental rest, calm down by applying pressure in the center of your palm for two minutes, with the thumb of the opposite hand. Practiced daily, this method offers an ideal state of well-being.

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