“Tell me about yourself” – my first experience

When I called to a phone number of an editorial and ask where I could send my resume, I didn’t know that I had called to my first job. Because I wanted so much to have a job, I have sent lots of emails to different companies, regardless of their field of activity. And even if I have economics studies, I said let’s try even is about journalism, medical clinic or accommodation units. Who knows?! There may be someone willing to hire a college graduate. I have sent my resume to lots of publications, only to this newspaper I did not find an email address to send a cover letter and a resume.

A bored man’s voice answered me, not very excited by my desire to hire, that I lost any pleasure in asking or giving information. He didn’t give me an email address, no information, ask nothing about my resume. He just said they haven’t vacancies. But he wanted to see me and told me an address and his name. Andrew. Available every day.

Of course, I was already convinced, before finished the call, I would not go to meet him. What’s the point of meeting a person who just picked up a phone?! There was no way for me to have a first interview like this. And yet, three weeks after the odd moment, while I was looking forward an answer to my emails sent to dozens of companies, I went. It was my only chance.

First interview experience

Google Street View helped me to get to a quiet street not far from the city center. A modern building with three floors and a large courtyard. I had so many emotions that I could barely ask one of the two secretaries in the hall about Mr Andrew. And you don’t even want to know how many laughter brought them my question. All because of the “Mr.” for which various jokes were made. Later I would learn that they talk there modern, without Mr, regardless of age and professional rank.

I had no idea how to hide my smile when Mr. Andrew appeared: he wore shorts full of flowers, a brightly coloured t-shirt and beach slippers. He only needed a camera and a Hawaiian flower necklace around his neck. I thought maybe it’s June and he was getting ready for a trip.

He ate a lot of cherries, told that journalism is not for young people like me and asked why I went to meet him after so much time. I was honest, just could not tell him that my cat died suddenly and wept for three weeks!

We talked about his desires, vision and experience and my studies. What would have been discussed about my experience that was completely absent?! I ended the first interview of my life when a bowl of cherries was finished. This is the most important thing that I’ve taken from this first experience.

Two test weeks

Mr. Andrew asked me to go the next day at 10 o’clock. I went, he gave me a pen, some paper, and a random subject to write an article about. Every day, for two weeks, I did the same.

I thought I have no experience and I need to learn, it takes practice… But I didn’t know why so alone, without any colleague around me. The day I finally decided to ask about my status and what this “Chinese water torture” is all about, Mr. Andrew said he will hire me.

He was already included in the category of proud and boastful people, who do not care about the others more than they need to use them. It wasn’t a chatterbox, so I didn’t ask too much about my hiring. I don’t like him at all, but I was grateful for that chance. So happy… And so, my first job will become a soul story.

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