The world of ‘I have no one to hire but be experienced’

Do you know that quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”? I would continue with the question: How? Can you choose this? Perhaps after about 10-20 years of professional experience. And this part without work does not sensitize me at all. I don’t like this neither as a metaphor. First of all because whether you like what you do or not, you’re still working. Maybe it’s harder, maybe easier … it’s all a form of work. Second, how many of us really choose what we work for?! Most of the time, our work chooses us. And if is happening to love what we do is just coincidence!

A young man who wants to save lives enrols in medicine, ends his studies and becomes a doctor. He likes what he does, for this he has prepared and hopes that society will appreciate his devotion and will provide him a good job. After carrying out hundreds or thousands of operations and who knows how many saved lives, tell him he did not work a day out of his life? It was so, for pure pleasure, just because he chose to be a doctor.

Maybe there are some areas where after you have completed your studies, but not always and not for everyone, can find easily a job. We, the others, struggle to get professional experience. The first obstacle we all face at a certain moment in our lives when we want to have a job. The biggest fear of a student or a graduate. No one wants to teach you anything and too few are the ones who give you a chance.

The world without chances

Employers only want well-trained people, they don’t adapt to the current business environment. How do you introduce yourself to a company with a resume in which you only present your studies, hobbies and skills?! And be asked about the experience. Volunteering and projects during the faculty aren’t so important. I don’t think anyone is interested in how many animals you saved, how many trees you planted or whether you were involved in cultural activities. That person wants to know why will pay you and rightly so.

But no company can be sure that someone with experience will be devoted and will work. I think it’s more appropriate to choose a person who you can guide. Of course, it’s not easy to professionally “grow” a person, neither to find one nor to keep it. But it’s worth trying. Young people need chances, they need someone to stretch their hand and guide them.

It’s so strange you can’t hire yourself somewhere because you have no experience and you can’t get any experience because you can’t hire yourself. I know from my own experience how hard it is and I don’t understand why companies complain now that they can’t find people anymore. Because they would hire and offer the best, but they don’t have well-trained staff. So, they want just experienced people. There are too few who see that experienced people have higher aspirations or retire or go to another country. There are young people leaving school benches without experience. I think the need for professionals is much greater than the ability to form well-trained people.

What a strange feeling I had when I was looking for a job after graduating! I was seeing around me all the news about the lack of staff in almost all areas, a lot of jobs available. Many employers were in a true promise campaign, saying a lot of things just to attract people. And, of course, you, a young man desiring work and affirmation in society, think that it’s about you.

Employment phases

First, you select the jobs where you submit your resume, totally convinced that is your choice, according to your aspirations. Second, a little bit disappointed you think it would be good to look a job you prepared for. Third, you are looking for jobs in different fields of activity but consistent with your level of studies. In the fourth phase, you’re looking anything, just to find a job. And you are disappointed, because you had a ready-made dream bag for an important job to give you safety and reward. And only some can say they’ve met luck.

Yes, I know they are good employers too who accept young people without experience and invest in them. They see the potential of people, give them a chance to demonstrate and grow even in a field for which they don’t have necessary studies.

I like to think people are as valuable as we want to see them and how they trust in their own strengths. Our ideas and work are not just the sections of a resume, and the experience should not be weighed on paper. We need will, trust and perseverance, and sooner or later sun must rise for each of us.

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